Radical Abundance

How would you like to be in perfect health, in the prime of your life for as long as you want? How would you like to be as physically attractive as you wish and as intelligent as you wish?

How would you like have all the financial resources needed to do whatever you like, with whom you like, where you like and when you like?

How would you like to live in a world where everyone had these things?

This would truly fulfill the deep dreams and hopes of humanity.

That world is possible via accelerating technology and one other vital ingredient. One part of that ingredient is human beings reworking their deep inherent expectation of scarcity and the manifestations of this deep bias in our institutions. The other part is forming a deep and compelling vision of the world we want to live in and a deep commitment to making it so.

Abundant Energy

To reach Radical Abundance requires abundant and cheap energy. There is direct correlation between energy per capita and many other types of abundance and wellbeing.

Abundant Resources

Abundance requires an abundance of all material resources. Many feel we are running out of resources of various kinds. However we live in a solar system very rich in resources particularly in near earth asteroids. And many resources are not used up but recycled and in more refined usable features forms to the local dump. The right technology would allow reclaiming these resources.

Abundant Space

For maximal flourishing and opportunity there needs to be enough space for as many innovations and different ways of approaching problems as possible. Space habitats and colonization of the moon and mars can provide a lot more space and new frontier.

Even more importantly we don’t know if there is life beyond earth. If we want to see more abundant life it may well be up to us to spread it beyond this one world.

Abundant Life

We can achieve indefinitely long healthy lifespans without the deterioration and certain death from merely how many years we have lived. We are working on deciphering the worksngs of the greatest disease, aging, and not only curing it but reversing whatever ravages from it people have already experienced. This is a proverbial fountain of youth!

Abundant Health

With increased mastery of our very molecular biology and especially fully developed medical nanotechnology we will be able to cure every disease and malady including fixing damage such as broken bones or a defective organ almost instantly. Indeed this capability is required to fully enable indefinitely long healthspans.

Abundant Intelligence

Intelligence is the key to creation of a better world, solving our problems and wide open Abundance in all other areas. Increasing the amount of intelligence in the world is a huge force multiplier toward achieving our dreams and indeed to refining and deepening them. 

Inlelligence Augmentation

Much of the computer revolution has been about augmenting human intelligence and capabilities in many ways. We can communicate world-wide. We have access to much of the knowledge of humanity and in a device we can hold in our hand. There are countless software applications to help us do things we could not otherwise do. This is accelerating.

Accelerating medical knowledge including of how the brain works and accelerating device technology means that device in our hands can soon be wired straight to our brains giving eventually seamless access to all that knowledge, communication ability and to augmentations of brain functionality of various kinds.

Artificial Intelligence

Evolved intelligence is not the only type of course. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more capable. We are still a ways from true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is at least as powerful and generally able to learn anything as humans. The human level is not the limit either. The limits set by physics are many orders of magnitude more capable than human beings.

Abundant Prosperity

It is possible to reach a stage of such abundance in energy, resources and productivity that all the needs and many of the desires of everyone can be met with a tiny fraction of productive prosperity and whether they have a job or other income source or not.