Welcome To The Most Interesting Time In History



Today we are within side of the technology and social forms that create abundance for everyone.  What do I mean by abundance?   I mean that all the needs and many of the desires of every single human being will be met with a tiny fraction of total productive capacity and whether the recipients have some job or other income arrangement we are used to today or not.   In these pages we will cover exactly how this can come about.


Humans have dreamed of an end to aging or rather the deterioration and mandatory death from aging that has been our lot.  We are withing a handful of decades of achieving this dream.    We are on track to end deterioration due to aging and to reverse it.   Soon you and everyone you know can live indefinitely long fully healthy lives in your prime forever.

Perfect Health

The end of all illness and the achievement of the ability to repair and cure almost all physical maladies is coming fast.  We can’t protect from the truly cataclysmic but we can come quite close.   How?  By developing and applying the ability to scan your mind state and back it up.  So even if your body was destroyed the essence of you can continue.  That technology will take longer than a few decades at current speeds.  But the very excellent news is that the speed of development is increasing and there are technologies out there that will increase the very speed of increase much more.


Everyone can be as intelligent as they wish to be – far more intelligent than any genius that has lived to date if they wish it.  How?  By augmenting the brain internally and through computational aids increasingly seamlessly part of your thinking, creating, being experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Human intelligence, even highly augmented human intelligence, does not exhaust the amount of intelligence and the types of minds that are possible to reach.   Artificial Intelligence allows much more rapid progress towards the Fulfillment than we can achieve without it.  It is essential to achieving Fulfillment.



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