The Fulfillment

We are charged with nothing less than bringing all the hopes and dreams of humanity to fruition.

More importantly we are charged with lifting the hearts and minds of humanity. We are the harbingers of Light. It is our task to uplift our self and one another – all of humanity. Too long we have lived in the dark of cynicism, of fear, and of resignation. Too long we have been filled with doubt. We have even considered our rather dark state to be the mark of our honesty and integrity!

We have run so low on spiritual energy – so low on faith. Not faith as in believing something with no evidence or against reason. Ours has been the loss of faith that a much much better is remotely possible. Ours has been the loss of faith that there is Good. We have losstfaith that there is or can be something better than the emptiness we feel and sense within and without.

We are here to restore that faith. Not in some religious doctrine, but in the clear possibilities before us, the powers we have and are soon to have and what we CHOOSE to do with them. This is why our work is so very important. We can have Heaven on Earth. But only if enough of us choose to bring it into being. We can have a New Heaven and a New Earth. Or we can unleash more Hell than we can imagine. If we simply bury the Talent we have been given out of being too poisoned by fear and our emptiness to even acknowledge it, much less use and multiply it, then we should not be surprised the outcome is darker for our world and for humanity. We are the Light of the World – just as soon as we choose to Be.

A new beginning

Many of us are centered in the world of science, of materialistic (philosophically) worldview. Many of us feel that religion is too full of belief in bizarre things and without proof. Yet there were other aspects, experiences, longings, community, reaching for transcendence within as well as without that some of us experienced associated with religion and that some of us miss. It is almost as if we, like the more fundamentalist stage religious participant, think that the mythological irrational and magical thinking parts we eschew or feel like we have grown beyond are inextricably bound up with all these other things that we eschew.

Let us begin to integrate our scientific understanding with our spiritual yearning and experience, our knowing of and from the intellect with our knowing of the earth and of the soul/deep self. Let us be kind to ourselves, to all facets of ourselves and to one another. Unafraid to examine, even critically but never to condemn but to clarify. Let us forgive our ignorance and lack of skill and forgive it in one another.

It is not easy

It is not easy to place ourselves forward, to stand for radical hope, to stand in dedication to making that hope real.  A true path, a true way of the heart knit up tightly with the mind cannot be easy.  But what is there to do that is more important?  What else is there that moves us to our core?  Is it making our pile of cash so perhaps then we can think in our lack of financial fear of what is really important?  How many years shall we watch so much misery unfold and focus only upon our own meager finances and security and hope it holds together until we are done with what we act like is this more important task?

I have been afraid and am still afraid.  I am even afraid of speaking my mind.  Or rather of letting my heart, my soul, speak its truth.  We all dance weaving our illusions of who we are to one another and to ourself most of all.  Yet we tremble in fear to be really known, to really know one another and to really know ourself.  We fear to break the pattern, to truly be different, to be authentic. In our fear we bind one another and the illusions bloom.  They fold one upon the other until we fall again into deep forgetfulness and wonder why we are so unhappy.

Abundance, If We Want It

It is quite possible for us to have huge Abundance – abundant life, love, health, energy, all of our needs and many of our desires easily and harmoniously met. There is a problem. We aren’t wired to believe that abundance is possible. We have trained so long, evolved as creatures to assume scarcity in so many ways. It will take a lot before we can believe Abundance is possible. It will take more for us to change ourselves to allow ourselves to create and enjoy abundance.

Can one have abundance without spirituality?

By this I mean is it possible to have real experienced abundance while considering oneself separate and alone in the universe. I refer to the place of spirituality where one acknowledges and more and more lives within the Oneness. In Oneness all things are and all being. Almost by definition, especially after even a glimpse of an experience of that kind of spirit place, the “normal” state of being one among many who are other certainly doesn’t feel so abundant.

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Today many consider spirituality with deep suspicion.  A common notion is it is more or less whitewashed religion.  This view is typically held by those that largely think all religion is wrong, bad, evil, superstitious nonsense and the like.    Granted that there are such elements and even quite deep threads in most/all religions and especially in the way many people practice and use them.   But is that all there is to the entire business?   I rather suspect not.

The part of religion and spirituality I am most interested in contains the following aspects.

  • crystallization of notions of ideal or ultimate development of being.
  • transcending of pain and painful circumstances such as disease, death, psychological suffering, ignorance.
  • inspiration to reach ever higher and for better for all states
  • overcoming of limitation
  • community – uniting a people by a shared vision of what can be and how to ideally interrelate, be and become.
  • focusing and deepening of both aspiration[s] and practical living work to realize them even if they are seen as asymptotic.

I submit that this is rather a lot to chuck out because it is in an older and often pre-scientific format.  There are generations of human beings seeking, dreaming, hoping, not giving up on finding a way or achieving some salvation within the religions.    The best of it and the part we so deeply applaud must be mined, understood and affirmed.   We make common cause with those of any religion that share our dreams and aspirations.   We show them new ways that parts of those aspirations can be fulfilled.   They show us new layers of meaning and implication and how to inquire into and work with ourselves.  They teach us how to build and maintain community and how to deepen vision.

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